To schedule an incoming team, please click here, call 302-304-5607, or email

Front Field

6:00pm Opening Ceremony
6:30pm Home Run Derby
7:00pm Town of Middletown vs Volunteer Hose
8:00pm Kel's Keggers
9:00pm Blonde Bombers
10:00pm Navient
11:00pm Delaware Republicans
12:00am Team Mel
1:00am Fracism
2:00am Tap That App
3:00am Delaware Brutes
4:00am Delaware Brutes
5:00am Delaware Brutes
6:00am Delaware Brutes
7:00am Delaware Smile Center
8:00am Summit Bridge EFC Stompers
9:00am Immanuel United Methodist Church
10:00am MOT Charter Mustangs
11:00am Odessa St Paul's UMC
1:00pm MOT Rotary
2:00pm AAA
4:00pm C-line Stables
5:00pm Final Farewell Game - Marathon players only - Front Field

Back Field

6:00pm Opening Ceremony - Front Field
6:30pm Home Run Derby - Front Field
7:00pm MHS Band
8:00pm CrossFit Petram MOT
9:00pm Willeys
10:00pm Swinging From Both Sides
11:00pm Porch Peeps
12:00am Porch Peeps
1:00am Frank Plummer and Friends
2:00am Frank Plummer and Friends
3:00am Swinging From Both Sides
4:00am Swinging From Both Sides
5:00am Swinging From Both Sides
6:00am Swinging From Both Sides
7:00am Delaware Brutes
8:00am Delaware Brutes
9:00am Delaware Brutes
10:00am Broadmeadow
11:00am Free Agents
12:00pm The Legends
1:00pm The Legends
4:00pm Middessa Farms
5:00pm Final Farewell Game - Marathon players only - Front Field